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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Fun at C.J.s Antiques

Hot, hot, hot but who's complaining after that long icy cold winter I promised I would not complain about a long hot summer! The containers in front of C.J.s Antiques are filling up with new plants as so many of our old favorites bit the dust this winter. Our shop is full to the brim with some great stuff so if you haven't been here in a while it's time for a visit. You can keep up with us on facebook or get our seldom but important tweets. I know I know Antiques and computers unseemly isn't it. Lovers of the past can still appreciate the present. I can't help myself I love old stuff and the internet. I admit it is hard to keep up with both. Blogging, facebooking, tweeting can all become a full time job. But since C.J.'s only connection to the computer is Solitaire and he would still rather do business in person than on the telephone (that tells you where he is on the information super highway). Please, please check us out on facebook, follow our tweets and visit our website at so I won't feel like all my hard work is for naught.