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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Antiques Recycled Treasures Great Prices

You hear a lot of talk about going green, recycling and buying down in this economy. Probably one of the most overlooked areas is Antiques & Collectibles. What better way to save a tree than buy a piece of furniture that was built to last. When antique furniture was built or even manufactured natural resourses were plentiful, craftsmen were abundant and furniture was purchased to last a lifetime or more. This is what I call a two fer you get the oppurtunity to buy something that not only goes up in value but also is enviromentally friendly. Comparison shop old and new example we have a 5 piece depression era bedroom set (not technically an antique for about 21 years) with a double bed, vanity with stool, chest of drawers, nightstand on sale for $695.00 made from solid wood. This would make a great set for a guest room, teenager or newlywed. Now compare the workmenship to a new set with the same quality you have to be diligent in your homework when comparing to a brand new set, is it solid wood are just solid wood veneer over pressed wood. Is it really mahogany are just a mahogany finish. Some people shy away from antique furniture because most antique shops don't have the space to set the pieces up with mattresses and bedspreads pillows etc so you have to visualize what it will look like in your space. So use your imagination, save some money and buy quality at a much lower price. One of my favorite new trends is recycling wood you can buy some great pieces of furniture (we happen to have some) made from old wood. Another trend which is I like is buying individual chairs for a dining room vs a set. You can get some great buys on individual chairs that are not part of a set. Don't let chairs that has been repaired underneath scare you away if it is good repair and the chair is sturdy. Most guest won't be turning your chairs over to have a look. A tip when purchasing individual chairs for your dining room table measure, measure, measure. Insure the seats, backs and leg width of different chairs are the correct width to fit together at your table. Seat height is also important as this gives a more pulled together look. Remember if you have children think sturdy. Don't shy away from upholstered seats these are one of the easiest problems to solve don't like the fabric with some new fabric and a staple gun this is a simple, inexpensive do it yourself project A handy tool when shopping is bring your own measuring tape most shops provide them however just in case its nice to have your own. September is great time to visit us as we are kicking off Labor Day Weekend with storewide sales from 15-75% off. Check out a sampling of what we have to offer at 15,000 sq feet under one roof, open days a week 9AM - 6 PM including Labor Day. Until next time, keep watching for more tips and info.