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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Fun at C.J.s Antiques

Hot, hot, hot but who's complaining after that long icy cold winter I promised I would not complain about a long hot summer! The containers in front of C.J.s Antiques are filling up with new plants as so many of our old favorites bit the dust this winter. Our shop is full to the brim with some great stuff so if you haven't been here in a while it's time for a visit. You can keep up with us on facebook or get our seldom but important tweets. I know I know Antiques and computers unseemly isn't it. Lovers of the past can still appreciate the present. I can't help myself I love old stuff and the internet. I admit it is hard to keep up with both. Blogging, facebooking, tweeting can all become a full time job. But since C.J.'s only connection to the computer is Solitaire and he would still rather do business in person than on the telephone (that tells you where he is on the information super highway). Please, please check us out on facebook, follow our tweets and visit our website at so I won't feel like all my hard work is for naught.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gardening & Antiques Go Hand in Hand

Looking for that perfect piece for your garden. Here at C.J.s Antiques we have great garden and porch chairs. We've got some great shabby chic benchs that would look great on a patio and plenty of farm tables made from reclaimed wood. Victorian style wheelbarrows made from reclaimed wood or great for containers. Found treasures that make great planters. Thinking outside the box when doing a container garden can come up with some great looks. Be on the look out for graniteware pots an pans. You can find ones with beautiful swirl patterns and if they have a few rust holes in the bottom you don't feel guilty about ruining an antique but you get to give it a new life in your garden. Cute old chairs with no bottoms make great plant stands just spray them with some clear sealer and they will last a long time. Pieces of ornamental iron make great trellis's or an old window frame covered in chicken wire make a beautiful setting for a fast growing vine like morning glories. If you find a lovely vase that has been chipped beyond repair a diamond drill bit with do the trick in putting a drain hole in the bottom and it becomes a great planter for window ivy. This is just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless. So come on out to Ponchatoula and visit us it's the perfect time of year to start